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rePLANET is a for purpose company, driving large scale ecological restoration and protection through private sector funding. rePLANET projects produce premium quality carbon and biodiversity credits with substantial benefits to local stakeholders, and the costs of these credits are deliberately kept competitive so that they attract large scale-funding to restore or protect substantial areas.

Climate Impact Partners

We partner with climate-leading companies and organizations to develop, finance and support projects that reduce carbon emissions, improve health and livelihoods and protect and restore biodiversity. Through our quality-first approach, we help our clients achieve ambition climate targets, meet global net zero goals and deliver real impact.


Our aim is to unlock nature positive investment. We connect landholders with like-minded investors to deliver nature recovery projects and provide verified evidence of investment impact such as biodiversity resilience and ecosystem uplift.

Plan Vivo

We believe that action should be taken to aid communities on the forefront of the climate crisis. This is achieved by applying the “Plan Vivo” concept of: -Relieving poverty by offering sustainable livelihoods for communities whose environments have been degraded. -Restoring and protecting environments so to help protect communities against climate change and biodiversity lossContinue reading “Plan Vivo”

Rebalance Earth

Our mission is to drive the transition to a nature based economy by enabling the flow of private capital to protect and restore nature. Our platform leverages innovative cutting edge technologies alongside citizen science from local communities to map out the value of nature at an ecosystem level. It will enable informed decision-making, effective riskContinue reading “Rebalance Earth”


Our approach is affordable as well as scalable. We capture biodiversity data on the ground using a range of technologies. All the data we collect is organised and analysed first with machine learning, then quality-checked by ecosystem experts. We’re building the most detailed set of annotated, species-level biodiversity data ever compiled – while providing measured,Continue reading “Pivotal”